Book Overview  

The Reciprocating Pump: Theory, Design, and Use - Second Edition 1995 - John E. Miller

The intent of this book is to bring together most of the aspects of reciprocating pumps, keeping in mind the requirements of designers, manufacturers, and users. Many of the subjects are covered by means of discussion, allowing the reader to better understand the cause and effect; In many cases examples of calculations and derivations are given to support the explanation. The last two chapters contain many useful tables, charts, and conversions, providing a comprehensive encyclopedia of reciprocating pumps.


1. Pump Types
2. Dynamics
3. Suction Requirements
4. Pulsation Control and Surge
5. Pump Design
6. Liquid Ends
7. Expendable Parts
8. Valves
9. Slurry Pumping
10. Parts Wear and Life
11. Applications
12. Instrumentation
13. Theory of Flow