Abrasivity Testing  
The Miller Number System uses the ASTM G75-01 Standard Test Method for Determination of Slurry Abrasivity (Miller Number) and Slurry Abrasion Response of Materials (SAR Number).

This test method covers a laboratory procedure that can be used to develop data from which either the relative abrasivity of any slurry (Miller Number) or the response of different wearing materials to the abrasivity of different slurries (SAR Number).  Results are used for the selection of pump type, predict wear rates, and select materials of construction for a given slurry application.

Report includes computerized Miller Number Results, photomicrograph of solids, sieve analysis and discussion of results.  Range of Miller Number Results is 0.1 to 1000. Gold Number determinations are for slurries with low abrasivity materials that have Miller Numbers of less than 20.