SAR Number (Slurry Abrasion Response) is used to determine the relative abrasion resistance of materials of construction (Wear Specimen) for handling of a particular slurry.

Material Safety Data Sheet
0.7 kilogram (1.5 pounds) solids in original particle size distibution

Alternative Premixed Slurry
Standard Slurry Concentration          - 4 bottles of 150 grams Liquid + 150 grams Solids.
Client Specified Slurry Concentartion - 4 bottles of 225 ml.

SAR Specimen Requirements (Client Supplied)
Two homogenious Wear Specimens - Drawing .
Two coated Wear Specimens - Drawing .

Solid Lap Material (instead of Neoprene)– two 1.125" X 11.25" X 0.125" thick.