White Rock Engineering Services  staff has been providing reciprocating power pump engineering design and analysis services for over 30 years.  State-of-the-Art Reciprocating Power Pump diagnostic and monitoring tools have been developed from the many years of experience in the reciprocating power pump, data acquisition, and computer industries.

An Innovative Reciprocating Power Pump Monitoring System is available as a standalone pump performance documentation and diagnostic tool or for real-time monitoring of multiple reciprocating power pumps in a plant or pump station. Information from the Power Pump system will allow for reduced pump operating cost by alarming pump conditions that will result in system down time or excessive pump costs. Actual operating data is used to reduce pump operating costs by providing Life Cycle Cost Analysis data that has not previously been available.

White Rock Engineering Services provides Root Cause Analysis of reciprocating power pump system problems using a State-of the-Art Reciprocating Power Pump Data Acquisition Diagnostic System. These problems can be excessive piping vibration or less than expected pump and pump parts life.

Slurry abrasivity testing  (ASTM G75) is available to assist in the pump selection process for slurry pumps and evaluate wear of different pump component materials in a specific slurry.