The Power Pump Display System provides direct reporting of each valve and pressurizing seal (piston or plunger packing) performance. Easy to interpret charts can be used to evaluate new valve, valve spring, and packing designs. You do not have to wait for length tests to evaluate new product designs. Results are immediate and with intermittent sampling show how the component performance is changing with use.


The entire Power Pump Display System "Kit" is contained in a single suite case. You can setup and be operational in approximately one hour. Pump and system data is collected over several minutes or hours to capture problem causing events. The system provides direct readout of the pump operation and piping system hydraulic response and alarms when operating outside set limits. The Data Acquisition Processor communicates via Ethernet or IEEE 802.11b (wireless). Normally the only pump preparation required prior to testing is a set of modified suction valve covers that allow installation of the pressure sensors.